• 24 Nov 2020

    Team up with experienced peers to improve your regional policies!

    Do you work on regional development policies? Are you involved in the structural funds management? Would you like to learn from smart and sustainable solutions from other regions?

    The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform has a specialised service for you. They can organise 2-day meetings in your region or online. Going deep into the issues and challenges you are facing, their peer review service will allow you to exchange, learn and brainstorm with a group of practitioners from other European regions.

    Whether you aim at boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in your region, improve the management of your Natura 2000 sites or get ready for next programming period, chances are someone, somewhere, already was in a similar situation and can help with ideas and solutions.

    The experts support and facilitate the process from A to Z, without any additional costs for you. Considering your specific regional context and stakeholder views, this exercise will bring you inspiration and a clear vision for your future work.

    ‘The peer review allows you to show that new ideas and approaches work elsewhere, a powerful tool.’ Jan Nylander, host of a peer review for Region Gävleborg, Sweden

    Read more at www.interregeurope.eu/policylearning/expert-support/

    photo Energy Cities for the Smarter Together project