• 14 Nov 2019

    Grand opening of the Mobile Film Festival “ACT NOW on climate change”

    In the face of the hardness of the facts announced every day in the media, the 15th edition of the Mobile Film Festival, "ACT NOW! on Climate Change", proposes storytelling. These stories are intended for both young and old people, they challenge, question and raise awareness of the urgency to act now, in the face of climate change.

    50 selected films from 24 countries, covering 10 main themes such as waste, recycling, global warming, water scarcity, deforestation, youth activism, climate anticipation, small gestures, overpopulation and transportation. 50 films that appeal to a wide variety of film genres including thriller, animation, documentary,
    science fiction... and also humour!


    From 14 to 30 November, the online film festival will run, presenting 50 films in competition on all social platforms and particularly on YouTube, to be watched, commented and shared in order to create more awareness on climate issues and to reach as many people as possible.

    Throughout the year, the films will be presented online, at screenings in cultural centres, in festivals, in cinemas...

    Thanks to a partnership with the Mobile Film Festival, the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office will be able to grant all signatories the rights to screen the awarded films in their city! A wonderful opportunity to organise a debate with citizens, share your local energy and climate actions...