• 09 Oct 2019

    "Addressing Water Challenges by Citizen Engagement", the POWER Conference

    Organiser: Others

    Is drinking water scarce in your community or is your population at risk from flooding? Do you want to tackle the protection of water resources in your municipality with the involvement of relevant stakeholders, address possibilities for reusing water or make the challenges of heavy rain more visible? "Addressing Water Challenges by Citizen Engagement" is the topic of the POWER Conference, which will be dealt with on the basis of the POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP) via conference contributions, but also within the framework of an Industry Panel and a POWER Follower Cities Event.

    The conference will offer different programmes, covering different aspects. Feel free to register to several offers as they take place at different times..


    Discover the POWER project in video:



    The POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP) is Horizon 2020 programm developping a support tool for driving sustainable behaviour and extending a raised collective awareness on the environment and the consequences of our actions.